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When my mom forces me to go to bed


When my mom forces me to go to bed




Merlock or Jafar? Iago or Dijon? Genie or Jean? masteroflag-meh

Jafar, Iago, Genie duh

There's a man in the woods. masteroflag-meh

There’s a man in the woods?

So rank from lowest to highest of Ash's female companions that you ship with Ash. Mine is Dawn, Iris, May, Misty, Serena. masteroflag-meh

Misty and Serena tie, Dawn, May, and Iris in last.

Ash x Brock is Otp though am I right lol

Your favorite moment when you could feel the flow and high fived the sky to win a duel in a trading card fight? Like mine when I feel the 5 headed dragon with my Junk Monsters, and the time I pulled off a double face off against Twilight Sparkle and won that's to Discord's Back Where you began Event. masteroflag-meh

I haven’t played tcg anything in so long. Only big memory I have is buying a pack of pokemon cards and lamenting not having a charizard and trying to get on for ages and opening the pack and getting a first edition holofoil

You are made queen of Diamondia. How do you handle Princess Twilight's first visit? masteroflag-meh

I could not handle meeting my idol after being crowned queen of anything, Starshine would fangasm

His world; endless possibilities; reach for the stars; knight of the wind; or Free (in the wind)? masteroflag-meh


Nelly or Jason Derulo? (I know Usher wins and Kanye is usually second but trying to find 3rd place) masteroflag-meh

Jason Derulo


transparent brownisaur, strawmander, and squirpie for your blog 

I’ve been playing the shit out of this and I’m not sorry.


water lilies by Claude Monet

Classic Disney Movies

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